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4 Reasons You're Not Sleeping

4 Reasons You're Not Sleeping

A rough day at work, a tiff with your partner, a fender bender – any of these can make for a night of restless sleep. But when life is good, you look forward to crawling into your bed for blissful rest and revitalization. When it doesn’t come, it’s puzzling and aggravating. The reason you’re not sleeping could be one of the following easily correctible problems or a combination of issues.


Chaos And Clutter

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, not an extra room to stash clutter. Why? A messy sleep environment affects your mind and interferes with a sound night’s sleep.


Anything not related to rest and relaxation has to go. That includes such things as piles of papers on your nightstand, stacks of old magazines on the floor, a work desk in disarray or overflowing laundry baskets. Simply put non-bedroom items out of sight. Put these items in a closet or under your bed if you have to. An environment that focuses on sleep and intimacy creates a mindset that lets you drift off into dreamland without distraction.


Luminous Objects

Even the softest, smallest ray of light in your bedroom can interfere with falling asleep and staying that way throughout the night. The glow of a street light peeking in through a window, the LED display on your bedside clock, that cool blue light on your DVD player – all of these little light beams can wreak havoc on your path to sweet slumber.


Don't run the risk of ruined sleep. Easy remedies include blackout blinds, turning your clock towards the wall or opting for a conventional non-illuminated model, and placing a cloth napkin or post-it note over the DVD display.


Noxious Noise

Everyone’s noise preferences are different. Some people are kept awake by the barely audible click of a clock’s hands. Others toss and turn if they hear a TV in an adjacent room. There are even some who lay awake all night disturbed by the sound of traffic. Conversely, many people find dead silence a sleep deterrent.


Studies have found that it’s usually the inconsistency of sound that’s the culprit, not the noise. Try turning on a ceiling or exhaust fan to a low setting or invest in a white-noise machine to create a steady, comforting sound that makes sleeping easier.


Take Your Temperature

Whether you prefer cozy, warm rooms or cool air during your waking hours, most sleep experts recommend your bedroom temperature should be between 65 and 72 degrees.


You’ll experience the most revitalizing sleep when your body is just a little cooler, so you might want to use a portable fan in the summer and wear some heavy socks upon retiring to keep you comfortable on cold winter nights. Whatever you do, keep the room temperature within the prescribed range. Extreme heat or cold will repeatedly wake you up during the night. Good bedding is essential to propperly regulate your sleep. Our heritage weave is asured to keep you cool throughout the night.


Good pillows are also essential to a great sleeping experience. Experiment with different pillow types to determine if foam, down or other materials give you the support and comfort you desire. Invest in trusted brands with solid warranties so you don’t have to replace your pillows every six months or so.

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