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7 Hacks For A Good Night’s Sleep

7 Hacks For A Good Night’s Sleep

When was the last time you truly had a good night's sleep? If you have to take more than a few seconds to think about it before answering, then clearly you need to make some changes. We've compiled a listing of some of the top things you should take into consideration if achieving better sleep is on your wish list.


  1. The Right Pillow Provides Adequate Neck Support

It's true: Selecting a pillow that does not provide enough support could interfere with your sleep routine. While the wrong pillow won’t cause any real injuries, the reality is that it could make existing conditions more severe. If you suffer from sneezing, headaches, a sore neck or arm numbness, you’ll find that these conditions become worse with a wrong pillow choice. Don’t forget protect your favorite pillow with our super smooth pillowcases!


  1. The Colors

Believe it or not, studies suggest that the color of your bedding could affect your sleep cycle. For example, certain colors like orange and purple tend to stimulate your brain. When shopping for sheets, go for soothing colors that create a relaxed atmosphere. Colors like Bronzed Champagne, Blue Oasis and Sunrise Grey are excellent options to consider.


  1. The Fabrics Matter

Most fabrics used for bedding are made out of synthesized materials that are treated with harsh additives and chemicals that could leach into your skin, causing allergic reactions. Switching to all-organic materials free from toxins will help you sleep much better. Also consider using quilt covers. Why? They not only enhance the décor and interior of your bedroom, but they also provide a place where your tired body can enjoy a peaceful rest.


  1. Turn Off Devices

Cellular phones and tablets may be the lifeblood of our daily routine, but they are also a prime reason why so many people fail to get enough quality sleep. The problem is that using these devices before bedtime can trigger your brain into activity, regardless of whether all you intended to do was read one last email. The best advice is to set aside your devices an hour before you hit your pillow. Doing so will allow your brain to decompress before you decide to sleep.


  1. Drink Some Water (But Not Too Much)

Some people will avoid drinking water before bedtime to prevent a middle of the night visit to the restroom. Others who know the benefit of water before bedtime often drink too much and end up in the predicament that the first group was trying to avoid. Drinking water before bedtime is a great idea. It will help hydrate your body and brain, allowing for a peaceful slumber. But, too much means you’ll wake up before your alarm. Aim to drink about 8 to 10 ounces within 30 minutes of heading to bed.


  1. Turn Off All The Lights

Putting aside the fact that it's typically much easier to fall asleep in a dimly lit room, a recent study suggests there might be another great reason to limit your exposure to sunlight. The study suggests that the greater exposure you have to light, the greater the chances you'll suffer from depression. Needless to say, depression hurts everything from your sleep to your waking hours. Don't run that risk. Turn out the lights as soon as possible.


  1. Don’t Read To Get Tired

Don't misunderstand, reading is a great way to learn and make personal improvements. But, the primary reason that reading is such a great idea is also what makes it such a bad option to consider before bedtime: Reading engages your brain. The last thing you want to do is stimulate your mind with a creative novel or information-packed article when your objective is to fall asleep. You want to start slowing things down before bedtime, not stimulating your senses.


Far too many people suffer from a lack of quality sleep and go through the following day in a less than stellar state. Don't allow yourself to be one of those people. Make the right decisions before you jump into the sack and you'll find that quality sleep will give you the energy and mental clarity to make your next day your most productive one.

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