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Best Bedding For A Netflix Binge

Best Bedding For A Netflix Binge


The days may be getting longer, but in many places there's still a chill in the air. What better time to hole up in your bedroom and binge stream Netflix? Nothing says heaven like an end table overflowing with your choice snacks and drinks, as well as a bed loaded with so many warm and cuddly comforts you can almost hear it call your name. Whether you’re overloading on old movies you’ve seen a thousand times or catching up on that Netflix original series you just can’t seem to quit, these stolen hours call for a variety of bedding options to meet your needs.



Spending hours watching TV in bed calls for a plethora of pillows to keep you content through laughing, crying and Googling actors you can’t quite place.


Memory Foam Pillows – Modern memory foam pillows are a huge improvement over the older ones that wouldn’t ever let go of the first impression of your head. Better materials now adjust all through your slumber to accommodate assorted positions. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.


Body Pillows – Nothing feels as good as a real person to hug, but body pillows come a close second. Most body pillows are about 4½ feet long and so versatile you can silently weep into one when the heroine dies or use the pillow to fend off superheroes gone bad.


Wedge Pillows – The triangular shape of wedge pillows lets you position them from head to toe until you reach the pinnacle of comfort. The typical and best combination filling of foam and polyester fiber fill effectively prop you up at most angles. Whether you’re tearfully deep into a love story or laughing at a raucous comedy, wedge pillows let you create the perfect angle for optimum viewing pleasure.


Feather And Down Pillows – Fluffy feather and down pillows often get classified as too soft to be comfortable or supportive. Feather pillows provide gentle support with filling made of small and very curly feathers. One of these tiny feathers has the same strength as a carbon fiber, so a pillow full of them gives springy natural support.


Down pillows are filled with the undercoat of birds, which resembles quill-less feathers. They're deliciously soft and soothing. These pillows offer little support, but they’re just what you need to clutch when the monster on your screen is edging ever closer. Down pillows also retain heat, so you feel like Grandma is holding you close and safe.



Wrapping up in a blanket as you sprawl shamelessly on your bed is a crucial part of binge watching your favorite TV shows. If you keep your bedroom a little chilly to encourage a better night sleep, you should choose a down comforter or natural fleece or wool blanket to get toasty warm.


For a lighter touch of warmth with added indulgence, pick a fuzzy chenille blanket to engulf your body. Of course, binging during warmer seasons calls for a light woven cotton blanket.



Throws are trendy and ideal for a short catnap in a recliner, but most are too small for lounging in bed. Nothing is worse than pulling a throw in the direction of your neck only to have your toes exposed.


Recently, many throws have become available in larger sizes, so pick a big one for lying around in bed alone or with a companion. Similar to blankets, throws of assorted materials are appropriate for various weather conditions. If you would like the perfect throw companion for your couch or bedding. Check out our 100% baby alpaca throws.


Tips For Ideal Bedroom Binging

When food and drink are involved, accidents happen. That's why you shouldn’t cover your binging bed with fancy bedding or a family heirloom quilt. If kids (or clumsy adults) are included in the party, consider covering the bed with a large waterproof throw blanket to protect the bedding underneath from spills. Keep snacks small and easy to eat without a table.


Binge watching TV in the bedroom is a treat whether you do it alone, with a partner or as a family. Think of it as a drive-in movie extravaganza with clearer sound, less expensive snacks, more convenient restrooms and added comfort.

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