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Good & Bed: Linen Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Good & Bed: Linen Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

We are way past a world where sheets are simply bedclothes to protect mattresses. Every year, more evidence surfaces to support the fact that a good night’s sleep is just as important as healthy food consumption, regular exercise and good mental health. The people at Good And Bed have embraced this fact for over 30 years and our products support our mission to elevate the bedroom and its dressing to its rightful stature in the recipe for happy living. Here’s how we endeavor to be better than the rest with our line of products made just for you.


Bless The Boudoir

Let's face facts: A bedroom is so much more than a simple bedchamber. A well-planned and thoughtfully decorated bedroom can put a smile on your face regardless of whether you are alone, with your kids or with your partner.


Life is nothing without a dream. And, dreams are born when you’re snugly tucked between those soft sheets. However, that's not the only platform silky soft sheets provide. For instance, secrets seem so much sweeter if you share them engulfed by sheets and pillows. As well, if you ever get so frustrated and exhausted by the day's events that you begin thinking you’ll never feel energetic and rested again, one night of uninterrupted sleep in a good bed swathed in luxurious linens makes you feel invincible once more.


Why Good And Bed Is Different From All The Rest

For 30+ years, the Good And Bed family has listened and learned exactly what's necessary to develop the finest in beddings. We've listened to our customers who have expressed their various wants and needs and have done everything possible to meet their desires. As well, we’ve learned a lot from our producers, suppliers, manufacturers and even our competitors.


Times change. Over the last four decades, the world of bedding has undergone various trends, fads, fallacies and mattress styles and shapes. We've been there every step along the way. As a result, we’ve learned to stay ahead of the curve in determining what most consumers want when they’re choosing bed linens. And, that's reflected in every one of the innovatively designed products we exclusively offer.


Find Your Comfort Zone

Comfort may yield tranquility, but it's often born from experience. Our 30+ years of experience has given us many insights. Among them includes that to truly develop comfortable and superior bedding products, you need to use the correct kinds of raw materials and they need to be woven in just the right way. Why? These factors combine to impact the overall touch and feel of the fabrics. And, that affects your comfort level!


While thread counts matter, there are other factors that contribute just as much to the comfort of your bed linens. For example, our unique sateen weave construction enhances the comfort level and the sheets get softer with age. That means while your bed may have a refined look, it's irresistibly comfortable allowing you to rest, recover and relax. That's part of the Good And Bed difference!


Sustainable Sources

Good And Bed produces a substantial amount of what we sell and we’re proud to do so in an ethical manufacturing environment. We also partner with the finest mills, suppliers, factories and manufacturers who we've thoroughly vetted and who we know we can count on to help us offer a superior product created using only high quality materials.


Each product is sourced using only the finest materials. This includes American and Egyptian long staple cotton, enabling the creation of luxuriant single ply thread. When woven, it's as soft and silky as it is sustainable! From there, the next step is our custom finishing process that creates linens far surpassing the lifespan of the average bedding produced by other companies.


A 40-Year Reputation

Throughout our more than 30+ years of producing luxuriously comfortable bed linens, we've always sought to provide high quality and transparent pricing. That's why there are no hidden costs and our superb products never disappoint. We stand by our products no matter what and ensure the best customer service in the industry.


Reputations are built on trust and our foundation is strong, competent and reliable. For instance, if you order Sunrise Grey sheets and they don’t match your vision of that color, we do our best to make you happy. The same applies to fit or quality; we’ll fix it, no questions asked.


Easy Access

Everyone’s busy, so we make purchasing our bed linens quick and easy. We accept a variety of payment options. As well, we offer the opportunity to speak directly to live people who are always available to answer questions.


All of our products are delivered right to your door in sturdy packaging to protect your purchase and returns or exchanges are easy and stress-free. It's never been so easy to create the comfortable, luxurious lifestyle you've always envisioned!


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