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Moved? Need New Bedding?

Moved? Need New Bedding?

Moving is a lot like falling in love. It’s exciting and new, but it can also be stressful, frustrating and tiring. Like love, moving is also a part of life to be savored and enjoyed. The good news is that throwing new bedding into the brave new world you find yourself in ensures you’ll have a wonderful place to rest and recover at the end of whatever kind of day you’ve had.


Make A Few Lists

Reminisce about your old sleeping space. Make honest, brutal notes about what you hated and loved about that old bedding. If you lugged your old mattress to your new abode, then chances are that you’re probably happy with it. Even if you had a few minor comfort complaints, they can probably be corrected with foundation enhancers such as mattress pads, covers and toppers.


From there, move on to pillows. A pillow was once just a pillow, but it’s a whole new pillow game now. Once you determine your dominant sleeping position, it’s easy to choose the best materials for soothing support.


Sheets and pillow cases also make a big difference in how well you sleep. Contrary to popular belief, there is more than thread count to consider. The weave affects the feel of the sheet as much as the fabric and thread count, so invest the time to know what you prefer before shopping. To ensure a tight fit, choose sheets that match the thickness of your mattress. 


Find Your Comfort Zone

Comfort may yield tranquility, but it's often born from experience. Our 30+ years of experience has given us many insights. Among them includes that to truly develop comfortable and superior bedding products, you need to use the correct kinds of raw materials and they need to be woven in just the right way. Why? These factors combine to impact the overall touch and feel of the fabrics. And, that affects your comfort level!


While thread counts matter, there are other factors that contribute just as much to the comfort of your bed linens. For example, our unique sateen weave construction enhances the comfort level and the sheets get softer with age. That means while your bed may have a refined look, it's irresistibly comfortable allowing you to rest, recover and relax. That's part of the Good And Bed difference!


Analyze The Space

There's no doubt that moving requires you to make changes. For instance, it’s doubtful your new bedroom has the exact same dimensions as your old one. This is a particularly important factor if you have a queen or king size bed that you intend on moving into your new bedroom. In addition to the size of the room, check out heating and air conditioning vents to make sure you do not block the ones on the floor or position the top of your sleeping head directly below the ones on the ceiling.


If you’re crunched for space, consider where you might be able to fit a dresser or chest of drawers and still be able to get in and out of bed. Color is also important. Why? Walls painted darker colors generally make rooms appear smaller than they actually are. Think about painting your walls white, which will also give you many more color options when choosing bedding items.


Check Your Budget

You may be a little short on cash. After all, moving is typically an expensive undertaking. In that case, start with the basics (sheets, pillow cases and blankets) and, as you go along, add extras like bedspreads, comforters, quilts, coverlets and duvets.


A bedspread or comforter typically comes next on most people's shopping lists to give the bedroom a finished look. Quilts, coverlets and duvets are often considered luxury bedding items. The same can be said for pillow shams and decorative throw pillows.


Notes & Notions

Over time, you are sure to notice some of the bedding items you've purchased just do not seem to match your specific tastes or expectations. In that case, it is important to jot down what you do not like so you don’t mistakenly buy that style or fabric ever again.


Once you finalize your bedding and tossed those trendy pillows along the headboard, start thinking about accessories that would make the room look even better and more personalized. For example, you might want to consider such things as paintings, pictures, shelves, oversized baskets and decorative lamps.


For most, moving is all about exciting new beginnings. New bedding boosts your spirits more than you could ever imagine. And as good sleeping patterns emerge more and more as keys to good health, it’s unquestionably a very wise investment in your future.


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