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Pima Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Pima Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Selecting the right sheets for your bed can be a challenge. There are a variety of materials to choose from, and you may be struggling with choosing a quality fabric that is comfortable and long wearing.

Two sheet fabrics that provide plenty of value and strength are pima cotton and Egyptian cotton. But, what is the difference between the two? We’ve compared pima cotton vs Egyptian cotton sheets to help you make a sound buying decision.

What is Pima Cotton?

Pima cotton is the cousin of Egyptian cotton. It is soft to the feel and made from long fibers that allow for less splicing in the sheet. This creates a sheet material that is luxurious and resists pilling and wrinkling. The main difference between pima cotton and Egyptian cotton is where it is produced. Pima cotton is grown right in the U.S. It traditionally comes from Arizona and is a product that many shoppers seek.

Because pima cotton costs less than Egyptian cotton, it is often chosen as a preferred sheet material. Although, one must be careful when purchasing pima cotton as it is often mixed with a high count of standard cotton, creating a sheet fabric that is not as soft or durable.

Pima cotton is a strong material based on the long fibers used to create it. It will stand up to several washings and look luxurious on your bed. You will find that pima cotton is often used in hotel bedding because it is more affordable, long lasting, and comfortable to sleep on.

What is Egyptian cotton?

When we compare pima cotton vs Egyptian cotton sheets, we see that the main difference in Egyptian cotton is where it is grown. Egyptian cotton is produced in Egypt as the name suggests. You will find these cotton strands on the coast of the Nile River as the land is fertile and rich, making it a suitable location to produce the high-quality cotton for use in sheets.

Egyptian cotton is also soft to the touch and has a high strength factor because it is produced from long strands of cotton. This too allows for less splicing within your sheets, reducing piling and wrinkling. Egyptian cotton provides a luxurious night’s sleep as these sheets breathe well and feel smooth and soft as you lay on them.

Like pima cotton, Egyptian cotton is often produced with inferior products that are improperly labeled. The only way to truly know that you are buying real Egyptian cotton is to look for a cotton plant symbol within a black triangle. Only sheets that are really made from real Egyptian cotton can carry the logo that denotes it was produced in Egypt.

Quality and Wear

While pima cotton is a U.S. product, it is considered a secondary material to Egyptian cotton. It has many of the same properties as Egyptian cotton but comes with a lower prices tag. Both materials wear well and have a solid appearance that resists fading. You will do well with purchasing either of these fabrics for your sheets, but if you are looking for higher-quality sheet material, you may want to select Egyptian cotton.

You will pay more for Egyptian cotton, but you will have a softer and more comfortable sheet to sleep on. The value of Egyptian cotton is there as you will find these sheets hold up well and provide a variety of colors to choose from.
When we look at pima cotton vs Egyptian cotton sheets, we see that the coloring of these fabrics holds up well. They can be dyed easily and will retain their color through several washings.

Care and Appearance

Care of these fabrics is simple as they can both be washed regularly in the washing machine with out any degradation to the sheet material. You’ll appreciate that they come out smooth and wrinkle-free, making for a good fabric to have as bedding as they have a neat and put together appearance.

The best feature of pima cotton and Egyptian cotton sheets is the feeling that you have as you touch it. They are both extremely soft and smooth. You may find little difference between the two materials, and find that pima cotton is a more affordable choice that provides the same quality feel as Egyptian cotton sheets.

When you are deciding between pima cotton vs Egyptian cotton sheets, take a moment to consider the differences in the two materials. While both are comfortable and soft, the location of where they are produced and the price tag they come with may influence your decision.

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