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Supima Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Supima Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton Sheets

As you look to add new sheets to your bedding, you may wonder what exactly is the difference between supima cotton and Egyptian cotton? While both fabrics are high-quality materials, they come with significantly different price tags that may influence your buying decision. To help you choose, we have compared supima cotton vs Egyptian cotton sheets here.

What is Supima Cotton?

Supima cotton is an extremely long cotton fiber that is soft to the touch and very comfortable to sleep on. Because the fibers are so long, they do not need much splicing within the sheets, making for a soft and pill-less feel. The fibers used in supima cotton are also finer than Egyptian cotton, making for an even softer feel that has a long-wearing cycle.

Supima cotton is produced in the U.S. It was primarily produced in Texas in the early 1900s. Since that time, the number of producers of supima cotton has expanded across the nation. Today, there are approximately 11 manufacturers of supima cotton.

Supima cotton stands for “superior cotton,” which is a step above Egyptian cotton in quality and feel. The fibers have superior durability and can stand up to washings easily. You will find that because supima cotton is so soft, your night’s sleep will be comfortable and easy.

Because supima cotton uses long fibers and has a very luxurious feel to it, the cost of buying this fabric is more than any another sheet material you will find. The quality of the fabric is bar-none, and it is the best sheet material you can buy today.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton is also a high-quality fabric, that is just step down from supima cotton. Still carrying a hefty price tag, Egyptian cotton is also soft to the touch and a luxurious fabric to sleep on. The production of Egyptian cotton is highly specialized as it is only produced in Egypt. The cotton for Egyptian cotton is picked from the banks of the Nile River where the land is rich and fertile.

Egyptian cotton that does not come from Egypt cannot carry the real Egyptian cotton logo. When shopping for these sheets, you need to make sure that it comes with a cotton plant logo with a black triangle around it. This is the only way that you will know that you are getting real Egyptian cotton sheets. There are plenty of knock-offs of Egyptian cotton that do not have the same feel or durability.

When we compare supima cotton vs Egyptian cotton sheets, we see that supima is a regulated material and Egyptian cotton is not. This allows for some manufacturers to claim that they are producing real Egyptian cotton, when in fact they are not. Because supima cotton is regulated, you have a stronger chance of buying a true supima cotton sheet vs Egyptian cotton sheets.

Color and Selection

Dying both supima cotton and Egyptian cotton is a relatively simple process for manufacturers as both cotton fabrics retain coloring easily. They both prevent fading with washings and resist wrinkles out of the dryer. You will appreciate the look of these fabrics on your bed but will find that supima provides a higher quality feel as you sleep.

Only 3 percent of sheets produced today are supima cotton. Supima cotton demands a higher price tag than Egyptian cotton, making them a desirable sheet material. Because Egyptian cotton is so easily faked, many consumers find that buying these sheets is a challenge. You may be uncertain if you are buying true Egyptian cotton while supima’s regulatory standards make it easier to find.

Regardless of the price that these sheet materials command, supima cotton is a superior product. You will find it is more luxurious and worth the search to locate it. It does last longer than Egyptian cotton, but you will pay more to get that quality.

Care Instructions

Caring for supima cotton and Egyptian cotton is very similar. You can wash both of these fabrics in your regular washing machine with very little care and attention. Tumbling dry on low heat will help to preserve the materials and make sure they look as good as the day that you both them. Both supima cotton and Egyptian come out of the wash wrinkle-free.

As you begin your search for new bedding, keep supima cotton and Egyptian cotton in mind. Depending on your budget, you may want to opt for Egyptian cotton as a more affordable choice. If you are looking for high-quality and a softer feel, select supima cotton for your sheets.

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