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Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets: A Buyers Guide

There’s nothing better than feeling like a king or queen when climbing into bed and treating your skin to the, soft, comfortable and luxurious feeling that Egyptian cotton provides.

You can let that magnificent, Egyptian cotton cuddle your body. The feeling is like getting a massage that comforts every inch and pore of your skin.

Before you climb into bed, however, let’s learn more about Egyptian cotton and discover why it’s the new trend among bed sheet lovers…

A Brief Background of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton has become a generic term for long staple cotton, regardless of where it’s actually produced. This is similar to the way people refer to nearly any tissue product as Kleenex, regardless of brand.

Though the name suggests that this type of cotton is grown and sourced solely in Egypt, that’s not always the case. When looking at the volume of cotton produced in each country, Egypt ranks twentieth. Egypt is trying to enforce labeling rules, allowing only true Egyptian cotton to be labeled as such, but this is proving remarkably difficult to enforce.

With this in mind, can you know that what you’ve bought is truly Egyptian cotton?

Well, unless you physically go to Egypt and take the time to sow, grow and harvest the cotton yourself, there’s really no way to know for sure that the cotton you are buying is truly from Egypt. The only general advice we can give is to buy from a brand name you trust.

That said, what’s often presented as Egyptian cotton really is different from most traditionally grown cotton, even if the name itself is slightly misleading.

The fibers of long staple cotton are long and durable, so they can be spun into very fine threads. When these fine threads are woven into fabrics, more thread can be woven into each square inch. This results in a fabric weave that’s taut and incredibly durable but is also extremely soft and luxurious.

The woven fabric is also great at wicking moisture away from your body. This allows you to stay dry and sleep comfortably, whatever the temperature.

Things to Look for when Buying Egyptian Cotton Sheets

When you set out to purchase Egyptian cotton sheets, there are several things you should be on the lookout for…

You need to consider the fabric type to be sure of what you’re getting.

Thread count is another important factor, as well as where the threads were woven into sheets.

Much of what we outline comes down to personal preference, however, and budget obviously also plays a significant role in the decision.

So, what’s the deal with thread count?

Why is Thread Count so Important?

Thread count is what helps determine how soft and comfortable your sheets are.

The higher the thread count, the more luxurious those sheets will be. The thread count tells you how many threads have been woven into every square inch of fabric when your sheets were manufactured.

If you’re interested in details, you might like to know the fabric is made of threads woven left to right which is the weft, and threads woven up and down which is the warp. Occasionally, manufacturers will weave extra threads into the weft to help boost the thread count of the sheets.

Egyptian cotton sheets can have a thread count numbering well into the thousands. Although many people claim there’s no difference between the feeling of 600 thread count sheets and those with a thread count of 1,500.

It’s all about what you like, and what your budget can handle, so there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to thread count.

What should you avoid when you’re hunting down the best Egyptian cotton sheets?

Things to Avoid when Buying Egyptian Cotton Sheets

As you already know, much of what’s sold as Egyptian cotton is not truly Egyptian. If that’s of burning importance to you, you should be aware of a few things…

If the cost seems too good to be true for luxury sheets, then it probably is. True Egyptian cotton sheets (as well as those made with long staple cotton) will never be cheap.

Beware of fiber mixes, where companies mix lesser quality cotton with superior long staple cotton to cut on costs, while still selling it as Egyptian cotton. 

Don’t buy Egyptian cotton sheets from stores with a poor reputation or on the Internet. If you want genuine long staple cotton you need to make sure you’re buying from a reputable source. Do your research and read plenty of user reviews before purchasing your bedding.

Value of Egyptian Cotton Sheets

You might wince at the cost of Egyptian cotton sheets but you’ll get a great deal in return for your investment.

True Egyptian cotton sheets resist pilling, are much softer and more comfortable than their cheaper counterparts, and they come in vibrant colors that will last a long time.

Your initial investment could cost as much as a couple of hundred dollars, but when these sheets last your family a decade or more, you’ll recognize the outstanding value.

Difference between Regular Cotton and Egyptian Cotton

Regular cotton fibers tend to be short, while Egyptian cotton fibers are longer.

When regular cotton fibers are spun into threads and yarns, there’s a lot of interruption because of the joining together of fibers. Also, the resulting yarn cannot be spun down too far or it’s likely to break.

Since the fibers in Egyptian cotton are much longer than regular cotton,  there’s much more usable fiber when spinning this cotton into yarns and threads. There are fewer interruptions for joining fibers together, and the resulting threads are incredibly fine.

When comparing Egyptian cotton sheets to traditional cotton sheets, there are a few things that set them apart, but the main detail is that thread count. Regular cotton sheets usually have a thread count of between 120 and 180 threads per square inch. These sheets are pretty low quality and won’t last long.

While Egyptian cotton sheets boast a thread count of at least 400, all the way up to 1,500 threads per square inch for the most luxurious sheets. You’ll get comfort and durability in one winning package.

Why Choose Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Egyptian cotton sheets are a great choice for many reasons.

The thread count on this type of sheet will have you feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The high thread count gives you sheets that are soft and comfortable, while also remarkably luxurious.

Because the sheets have such a tight weave, they’re more durable than other sheets which means they’ll last much longer and save you money in the long run. The tight weave also allows the sheets to wick sweat from you as you sleep, allowing you to remain cool and comfortable.

Why Thousand Thread Count Sheets Are More Expensive Than Other Sheets

Sheets with a thread count in the thousands will cost more than sheets with a thread count in the hundreds simply because there are more threads and fibers that have been woven into the product. 400 thread count sheets have 400 threads per square inch of fabric, where 1,200 thread count sheets have had 1,200.

More material used equals more cost for the manufacturer, and in turn, the consumer, it’s as simple as that.

Caring and Maintaining Egyptian Cotton Sheets

These sheets are durable, yes, but there is much you can do to prolong their lifespan even further…

You should launder your sheets once a week to make sure there’s no build-up of bodily fluids, oils or dead skin cells that can get stuck in the fibers of your sheets.

When washing the sheets, don’t wash them with your clothes or towels. Instead, launder them on their own, so they don’t become tangled up with other items in the wash.

Don’t use a regular laundry detergent for cleaning your Egyptian cotton sheets. They are packed with chemicals that are too harsh on the fibers. Instead, use a gentle detergent and never, ever use bleach.

Do not use a fabric softener when washing your sheets, as the chemicals can clog up the pores of the cotton. If this happens, your sheets will quickly lose their luxurious feel and their softness.

Use cold or lukewarm water when you’re laundering your Egyptian cotton sheets. Hot water is too harsh, and high temperatures can spoil the cotton fibers in the sheets.

Make certain your washing machine runs on a gentle cycle to wash the sheets so that they are treated with care.

 Check the sheets during the spin cycle. Ensure all the moisture has been properly removed from your sheets.

When the sheets are washed, check to see if they’re suitable for the dryer.

Some Egyptian cotton sheets need to be air-dried. You can either hang them to dry on a clothesline, being sure to remove them as soon as they are dry, or you can lay them out to dry.

If your sheets are not dryer-friendly, you must be extremely careful, as Egyptian cotton does not tolerate heat very well. Use the lowest possible heat setting, or simply use the air fluff feature on your machine.

Once the sheets are dry, remove them immediately and fold them or use them to make the bed right away.

You should probably wash your pillowcases more often than the sheets, as they are exposed to more fluids while you sleep and can become more heavily soiled quickly.

Don’t use an iron on your sheets, as the long staple cotton won’t react well to the high heat.

Guide to Finding The Best Egyptian Bed Sheets

With so many offers on the market, it can be hard to find the best Egyptian cotton bedsheets for you.

We’re here to simplify your buying decision, so here are a few more things you should consider when making your purchase…

Single Ply Sheets

While the thread count of sheets is very important, it’s not the only thing that needs to be considered.

You should also be mindful of the ply of the sheets. What does that mean?

Well, the ply tells you how many single fibers were twisted together before being woven into a fabric.

Single ply sheets have been woven using a single thread of long staple cotton fiber. This gives the resulting fabric exceptional durability, softness and overall quality.

When using these extra fine threads spun from long standard cotton, the fabric is silky, soft and lustrous.

When hunting for the best set of Egyptian cotton sheets, you need to look for a good balance between thread count and ply. A lower thread count single ply sheet will give you a lightweight sheet, whereas a higher count thread count single ply sheet yields a thicker sheet.

Once again, this comes down to personal preference.

Fiber Length

Opt for Egyptian cotton over regular cotton when it comes to sheets because the fiber is much longer.

As we’ve explained, this long staple fiber results in a finer thread and a far superior end product with Egyptian cotton sheets.

Thread Count

The higher the thread count, the more threads have been woven into the fabric to make the sheets.

With a high thread count, you’ll have softer sheets that will feel like you’re being caressed in the lap of luxury. You also get a much heavier and longer-lasting sheet.

Don’t knock a lower thread count Egyptian cotton sheet, though. They are still comfortable and durable and can be a bit more affordable to boot!

Look for Authenticity

Let’s focus in on how you can maximize your chances of getting genuine Egyptian cotton sheets…

How to Look for Authentic Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

First, look for the geographical source of the cotton.

It can be difficult to find cotton that was truly grown in Egypt, but there are many organizations working to make that easier. If you can find sheets made from cotton that was grown in Egypt, don’t hesitate to buy them.

However, because it can be difficult to find genuine Egyptian-sourced cotton sheets, there are some things you should pay attention to when considering a sheet’s authenticity.

Make sure the sheets you purchase were made with long staple cotton. Remember that this cotton spins into better fibers, resulting in a tighter weave and a better end product.

Look to purchase sheets that are woven by a reputable company as well. Many swear that sheets woven in Italy are the best, while others are convinced that those woven in Pakistan are superior. Personal preference, yet again.

Beyond that, make sure the sheets you’re purchasing come from a well-known, established company. 

Don’t buy what seem like bargain sheets, because you will almost certainly not be getting authentic sheets at bargain prices. Be prepared to spend a bit more money but following these tips will help ensure that you don’t spend your money on a fraud.

Buy cheap, buy twice!

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

1) Chemical Azo and Silicon Free Sheets

If you want sheets that are completely free of chemicals Azo and Silicon, look no further than our organically grown cotton beauties.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these sheets are made from long staple cotton fibers grown with no pesticides or herbicides, colored with Azo-free dyes, and made by those following fair labor practices.

These sheets are sure to please!

2) Luxurious Every Day Sheets

When looking for Egyptian cotton sheets that will stand up to the test of everyday use, our sheets are what you want.

Boasting a thread count of 400, and available in a multitude of colors and sizes, these sheets will keep you happy for a long time to come!

3) 300 Thread Count

Sold at an extremely affordable price, these 300 thread count sheets from Bonne Nuit are a great way to get 5-star hotel luxury, without breaking the bank.

They are available in a few simple colors but in all necessary sizes. These sheets are lightweight, single-ply and wrinkle resistant.

What more could you want?

4) 600 Thread Count

We offer a decadent, pre-shrunk, 600 thread count sheets for anyone looking to spend a little more, to get a lot more comfort!

These sheets are soft, incredibly comfortable, and surprisingly rugged. You will enjoy the restful sleep they offer for years to come.


Even though it can be tough to track down bona fide Egyptian cotton sheets, it really is worth the effort when you find them.

When shopping for your sheets, keep in mind the actual blend of the sheets - look for 100% long staple cotton! – along with the thread count, and the ply.

And don’t forget…

Pay close attention to where the sheets were woven.

Once you’ve purchased your sheets, pay close attention to care and maintenance instructions. No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on super-luxe bedding only to accidentally ruin the sheets.

Following these simple tips can go a long way to ensuring you get the best, softest, most luxurious sheets for your bed.

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